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"As a medical doctor I can affirm that this does in fact work. Its very simple. Your face has over 90 muscles, when you work out those muscles you will tone your face making it thinner, and shedding 10 years off your appearance. This is good for a thinner face, tighter facial skin, and a more youthful appearance, the possibilities are endless."


-Dr. Jose Santeiro



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The one tool plastic surgeons don't want you to know about.


Face Thin®

What Face Thin® Targets:

• Non-Surgical Facelift
• Get rid Of sagging Jowls
• Make Jawline More Defined
• Get rid of double neck or turkey neck
• Get rid of chubby cheeks


How It Works To

The Face Thin® was originally developed to treat trauma patients who required facial rehabilitation. Results of an 8-week clinical test published in the Journal of Geriatric Dermatology reported that subjects showed 250% increase in facial muscle strength, 32% increase in skin elasticity. Many also reported improved circulation and more robust skin coloring, which will make your face thinner and more youthful appearance. The tool works by adding the perfect amount of resistance as you flex your mouth in and out. The Face Thin® works by exercising those 98 muscles in your face that you usually don't exercise, giving you a toned and tighter face.The Face Thin® will make your face slimmer guaranteed.


Is it hard to use?


The Face thin is extremely easy to use, and comes with comprehensive instructions. We recommend that you use it for 5-10 minutes a day, everyday. There are 98 muscles in your face , smiling or laughing alone isn't enough to stimulate all of them. This unique device, made from dental grade elastic, will stimulate all the muscles in targeted areas to slim the face dramatically. Just 5 minutes of use will excercise 78 or the 98 muscles in the face which are targeted areas that don't experience daily movement. These static muscles will be able to burn fat and tighten the face. Your face contains many muscles, most of which you never use. Your Face Thin® will put those dormant muscles to work to slim and tone the face.


Face Thin


As shown in the diagragm above, the Face Thin® is easy to use. Use your Face Thin® 5 minutes a day once a day for your first two weeks. Once you achieve your desired results, you can change the frequency of usage to once or twice a week if desired.


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